About Menotomy Vintage Bicycles, Cambridge, MA

Did you know bicycles can actually be ridden in street clothes?

Reading the big cycling magazines and web sites would make you think otherwise, so I decided to post a “Bicycle Picture Of The Day” using photos from our Vintage Bicycle Picture Database to remind us all that bikes are flexible, versatile, unique, personal and practical.

The initial comments with each photo are the comments of the person who submitted the photo.¬† All photos are (c)2012 Menotomy Vintage Bicycles. We’re located in the basement of the: Cambridge Antique Market
201 Monsignor OBrien Highway, Cambridge, MA 02141

We keep around 100 used and vintage cycles in there, plus some parts. All cycles come with a 30 day warranty.
The shop is open 11am to 6pm every day except Monday and the Co-op has employees to help you with bikes, test rides, etc. We’re not always in the shop in the off-season… that is the beauty of being in a co-op. But we are always there on Saturdays and at least 2 or 3 other days and can also be there by appointment.

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