1950 Universal Mfg. Co Gym-Dandy Surrey

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1950 Universal Mfg. Co Gym-Dandy Surrey I have just restored this little gem but know nothing of it~s history other than it is a "Gym-Dandy Surrey" built in the 40~s or 50~s? by Universal Mfg. Co. Inc. of Bossier City, Louisana.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow..where did you get this surrey? My brothers and sister and I had one when we were growing up and have been looking for one and don't know where to find one. Any info would be appreciated. We grew up in the mid 60"s in Vancouver BC.Dayle

  2. Dewapepsi Says:

    Just type gym dandy surrey history in your search bar to see some history
    and also some offered for sale. I found one in Tennessee and am trying to restore it. I need the front wheels, pedals, canopey frame and a canopey if
    you know wehre I can find any parts. Thanks

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